Getting Started

If you're new to travel hacking, it's worth spending a few minutes reading the basics.  There are an endless number of tricks travel hackers use to earn free and improved travel.  This site is a collection of the best of those hacks.  At a very high level, travel hacking comes down to these elements:

1. Earning Miles (and points)
Travel hackers have tons of tricks for earning airline miles and hotel points freely or cheaply.  Browse through the tab titled "Earning Miles" to learn about the top tricks.

2. Using Miles (and points)
Once you have a bunch of miles and points, the trick is to get the most out of them you can.  Browse through the tab titled "Using Miles" to learn some great hacks.

3. Cheap Travel
There are countless tricks for finding lower cost flights, hotels, and more.  Browse the "Cheap Travel" tab to see the best of them.

4. Improved Travel
Travel hackers like to travel in style.  Browse the "Improved Travel" tab to learn how to get elite status with airlines and hotels, along with miscellaneous hacks for making your travel life easier and better.

For more on the basics of travel hacking, here are a couple of good posts to get you going: